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Kanye West goes raw, industrial with new album 'Yeezus'

Published On: Jun 20 2013 05:23:00 PM CDT   Updated On: Jan 09 2015 08:41:04 PM CST
Kanye West

Rick Taber/CNN

EL PASO, Texas -

Kanye West isn’t known for playing things safe.

He speaks his mind on his albums and just about everywhere else - just ask George W. Bush or Taylor Swift.

For his seventh studio album, “Yeezus,” West is pushing boundaries with what people call “noise rap.” It’s a departure from his last solo album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" which had arena-ready anthems.

Although “Yeezus” is his first dabbling in noise rap, it’s a genre El Paso native K of Moodie Black has been involved in for a while. Listen to Moodie Black at http://bit.ly/17qxxKj and learn more about the group at http://on.fb.me/17qxApk.

“When Kanye debuted the new material on SNL I got hit up by a bunch of people saying he stole our sound,” K said in an email while on tour. “I don't agree with that, because there are elements, but he doesn't come close to the intensity and control we have over it. In essence he is a bit late to the noise rap party. We are embarking on mood type rap these days.”

K describes “Yeezus” as fantastic.

“I understand he had a lot of help with the album but I think Ye is a good composer and brilliant on the arrangement of the songs,” K said.

Pre-release buzz about “Yeezus” said the album would be less commercial, and thus not as popular with the public.

“I don’t think it’s too non-commercial at all,” K said. “Kanye pretty much sets the standard and benchmark for commercial so people may b*tch and complain about the new sh*t but ultimately it will succeed, In fact this new style is going to be the next hot sh*t.”

“Yeezus” does have moments where West addresses God and Jesus Christ, just as he had in previous works such as “Jesus Walks.” Several months ago, rumors spread that the album might be named “I am God.” It turned out it was false but the name of a new song ended up being called “I am a God.”

“We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call ourselves the supreme being,” an anonymous source told the Huffington Post in March about the “I am God” rumor.

The Christian Scientist Monitor, in covering West’s Governor’s Ball performance this month, referenced several commenters from the Rap Genius website in discussing “I am a God,” including: “Kanye has made his devotion to Christianity quite clear. His first hit single was even titled 'Jesus Walks,'" suggested one commenter. "But Kanye takes it further, boldly claiming that his life and his work is divinely inspired and being molded by God himself (a nod to the 'Yeezus' album's title). Essentially, if you mess with Yeezus and you mess with God."

Malik Yusef, a friend and professional collaborator of West's, is quoted by several publications in March as saying that “I am a God” refers to Psalms 82, which states, "I said, 'You are Gods, and all of you children of the Most High. But you shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes."

West, whose girlfriend Kim Kardashian just gave birth to a girl, has not announced plans to tour yet but K would would like the chance to tour with him.

"I want to work with Kanye, I would love to tour with him for the new 'Yeezus' album. I think I can contribute to his noise and make it more intense," K said. " I know he would be down if I could get in contact with him. I can lend a bit of Authenticity to his sh*t. It is funny however, how off-put people have been to the material and also how much credit he is getting. It is well deserved but I have been doing the noise rap thing for a minute much better, and with absolutely no help or samples."


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